Monday, July 13, 2009

Make a Butterfly Net For Your Child

I was inspired to make a butterfly net when I saw this net bag, which had held some pool toys. All sorts of toys and vegetables come in net bags, and this is a good way to recycle them. You will also need scissors, string, and a long, very pliable green stick. I cut a shoot from a garden shrub. It is about 4 feet long or so.

Have a helper hold a loop in the stick. If your stick looks like it is going to break when you bend it like this, either find a more pliable one, or soak your stick in water for a few hours. Make sure your net bag will stretch over the loop.

Firmly wrap string at the bottom of the loop, to hold it in place on the handle, and knot.

Now stretch the net bag over the inside of the loop. Let the edge hang over the outside of the loop. Starting near the handle, sew on the net bag using the string and a running stitch. If you have a large-eyed needle, like the kind knitters use, this step will go much more easily.

Knot the ends at the bottom of the loop and trim.

Now catch something and have a good look at it! Don't try to catch insects which sting. And be gentle! If you want to learn about what kind of bugs make good pets, read the book "Pet Bugs: A Kid's Guide to Catching and Keeping Touchable Insects," by Sally Kneidel. It is a wonderful book. The description of the jumping spider is particularly memorable and funny.


woolies said...

What a great idea! We were just talking about lightning bugs and how we used to catch them....we don't have them now out here in the crazy southwest, and we miss them!

Beth said...

Hi, woolies! Thanks for your comment. I love lightning bugs. We have had such a wet spring that we are having a banner lightning bug year. Are you a southerner originally? Up here in New England, they are called fireflies.

gardenmama said...

What a beautiful project, your net is gorgeous! I love the idea of making things with found objects, I am impressed!

Beth said...

Hi, gardenmama! Thank you for your wonderful comment! I love making things with found objects and am trying to make things which have materials which can be scrounged at home, and if possible, are natural.

suzanne said...

Hello Beth

I will definitely be doing this activity in the Summer. Thank you for the lovely idea..

Warm regards

Beth said...

Hi, Suzanne! Have fun making the net!

Bonita said...

I love to use these in the house to catch flying insects, wasps and flys are no problem. Choke off the top and release them outside. No more bug spray in the house! Fun for the kids too!