Thursday, October 18, 2012

Design Your Dream Bedroom

If you could design your own bedroom, what would it be like?  Would it have a swing set, a trampoline, and a hammock in it?

 Maybe it would have a fancy, graphic bedspread and some grown-up furniture, like a sofa.

 When you imagine your bedroom, are you floating up at the ceiling, looking down?

 Or are you looking at it from the side, as though peering into a dollhouse?

 Do you have a bunk bed with fancy finials on it and lots of pink linens?

 Or a room with a teleport, a cool car bed, a slide, and a sign to keep your sister out?

 Do you imagine filling your room with inventions and electronics, and even having a bed on a roller coaster?

 Do you imagine having a pet, like a black cat, and a robot servant?

 Are you outside looking in to your bedroom?

 Or maybe you can slide out an escape hatch right into your pool from your room!

 Perhaps your room has an all-important candy dispenser.

I wish I had found out about this magical bed.  Are the different colored dots buttons into other parts of the house: the book room, the dream room, and the pet room?  I wish I knew.  It is all very mysterious and very wonderful.  It is your room, in your imagination, and it can be whatever you want.


Lisa said...

I love this bedroom! And the drawings are amazing!!! A very fun I idea!

Mafalagrifa said...

This is a very good activity to develop kids imagination and creativity. I like it!

Beth said...

Hi, Mafalda! Yes! I loved watching the children create their dream bedrooms. Most of them were smiling while they did it. love, Beth

Anonymous said...

What a fun project for anyone! These are beautiful designs. What creative kids. I love this!