Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quince Jelly

 Oh, yummy!  Quince jelly!  I made it for the first time.  First rub off the fur and wash the fruit.  Then remove the stems and cores.  Slice into pieces and cook on the stove in a pot of water until it is well cooked and mushy.  Line a colander with cheesecloth, place it over a big pot, and dump in the mush.  Let the mush drain overnight.  Don't squish the mush or your jelly will be cloudy.  Measure your juice, and add about 7/8 a cup of sugar for each cup of juice.  Cook until it jells and can it!

It's beautiful and delicious!


Appleshoe said...

I've never had Quince jelly before. For that matter I've never had Quince. They look lovey in those jars. What does Quince taste like?

Beth said...

Hi, Appleshoe! Quince smells very nice but the fruit is not palatable raw. You have to cook it. I can't describe the taste, but the jelly tastes both sweet and tart, a combination I like a lot! love, Beth