Friday, March 21, 2014

New Directions

 I started Acorn Pies to share some of the crafts, art, and outdoor adventures which I was doing with my youngest child.  He is older now and the emphasis has shifted.  I thought for a while that Acorn Pies was done and I stopped posting for a while.  But Acorn Pies and I are just growing in new ways.  As always, you will find lots of color inspiration here.


 My art experiments.

 The outdoor fun and family adventures go on, but I will probably post less about them now to give my child more privacy now that he is older.

 Inspiration and excitement from my after school art classes.  (You won't be seeing any faces here, just busy hands.)


 Some baking fun.


 Flowers and Swiss Happiness!

More pictures, fewer words.  Sometimes, just one special picture, and maybe no words at all.  Acorn Pies:  I hope it will continue to be a place for you to come for cheerful colors, inspiration, and joy.


Sandy said...

I was glad to see you posting again. It is interesting to see how people get on living in a country different to the one they are from.
Sandy in the UK

Amanda said...

I love to see that you are continuing your blog. It's nice that you've been able to adjust your blogging over time with the changes in your life. I posted something similar a few months ago on my own blog!

much love