Monday, October 13, 2014

Ice Cream Cone Collages

 This was the first project I did with the 1rst and 2nd grade class and they loved it! We talked about pattern, and several children demonstrated some patterns they could think up on some circles I had drawn on a piece of paper. Then, they were off!

 First they drew their ice cream cones with a sharpie pen. Look at this one! It has a bunny ice cream scoop with a carrot!

 They painted their drawings, which we dried with a blow dryer to speed up the process, and then cut them out. Here is a cone with a girl's face, complete with earrings.

 This cone must have taken time to cut out with such accuracy. After the cones were dry, the children glued them onto a background paper they chose.

 For those who wanted to add whipped cream, I had some cotton wool.

 I see some very meticulous painting in this cone with its two sizes of dots!

 I also had a basket of red soda bottle caps for cherries on top.

 It is fun to see the different waffle cone designs and arrangements of ice cream scoops.

 Timko likes whipped cream so much that he covered his whole ice cream cone with it!

Look at the patterns on this one! I wonder what these children would do with the St. Basel's pattern project I did with the older children?

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