Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Paper Cuttings/Collages by Beth Curtin

The most recent paper cuttings are at the top. I started with traditional Swiss paper cutting but am now doing collage.

"View From Lavaux"

"Free Range"

"Blackbird Spring"

"Flustered, Mustard, and Custard"

"Sussex Rooster"

"January 2015"


"Snowy Evening"

"The Walk."

"Harvest Moon."

"Christmas Market"

This one is called "Camilla's Copenhagen." I enjoy making my own collage papers.

 This one is "Mama's Grandchildren."

 "Full Moon with Chalets."

"I Know Where the Wild Thyme Blows."

"Fox Girl."

 "School Picnic."

 "The Rosdahl Family Hiking."

 "The Turner Family Skiing."

 "Ida's Hiking."


"They Keep Getting Away."


"Great Oaks From Little Acorns Grow."

"Family Campfire."

"The Virgin Nursing Baby Jesus."

"St. Nicholas of Switzerland."

"She's Coming!"

Some of these paper cuttings are for sale.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Those are incredible!!Thanks for sharing!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Wowowow Beth,

I am lying here in bed with ice packs on my bad foot and back and was totally transported by these paper cut outs. I love the great tree from the acorn, well, I love them all, but really got excited by the new techniques and colors in the Copenhagen cut out.

You are amazing. Your children are so fortunate. I only wish all children could have the kind of life you are giving yours.



Beth said...

Thank you for the great feedback, Reading with Rhythm! And Sharon...you always find such a special way to encourage. Thank you!

Marcy said...

You are an inspiration! Absolutely incredible! I am ready to bring more art and the outdoors into our lives.