Monday, April 6, 2009

Bedtime for the Monkey Twins

It was a beautiful spring evening and the Monkey Twins had been outside all day long.

Grandpa Bear came out to admire the sand garden they had made.

And then, it happened.
"Time for bed," Grandpa Bear said. And zoop! They were gone!

Where, oh where, did those Monkey Twins go?

"Monkey Twins, where are you?" called Grandpa Bear. Mugwort stuck his head out of a bush to see what was going on.

The Monkey Twins were hiding.

Grandpa Bear started looking. They weren't in the pachysandra.

They weren't in the bushes.

They weren't near the hemlock tree.

Or around the woodpile....

They weren't in the azaleas.

They weren't in the leaves.

They weren't even near the flower pots.

Where, oh where, did those naughty monkeys go?

"Monkey Twins! That's enough, now." said Grandpa Bear. "It was funny for a little while, but now it really is time for bed."

Grandpa Bear heard some giggling.

He decided to lie down and pretend to be asleep.

He was beginning to doze off when he heard a little sound.

Grandpa Bear made a soft little snoring noise.

He could hear those Monkey Twins sneaking closer,

and closer.

Suddenly his ear felt tickly. The Monkey Twins were tickling Grandpa Bear's ear with a piece of grass. Up jumped Grandpa Bear!

He grabbed those little Monkey Twins!

They jumped into his arms. Grandpa Bear tumbled backwards.

The Monkey Twins squealed and giggled. Oh, you naughty, lovable, Monkey Twins!

What would we do without you?

Copyright 2009 Elizabeth F. Curtin

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zuzu said...

=^..^= always works.
Pretending to be asleep ::giggle::