Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make Bubbles!

You can make your own bubble solution using things you have at home. We used dish soap, corn syrup, and water. You can always find lots of recipes on-line, but we had fun experimenting and coming up with our own proportions. If you prefer a recipe I will put one at the end of this posting.

Just mix a big squirt of soap with a bit of corn syrup (which makes strong bubbles,) and thin with a touch of water. We have some child's nail scissors in our was wonderful for blowing double bubbles.

What can you blow bubbles with? Does it have to be round? We used the top of a plastic soda bottle,

a canning lid ring,

a noise-making tube,

a copper wire Easter egg dipper,

the nail scissors,

and best of all, our fingers.

Now clean up the sticky mess with some warm water.

And save the leftover bubble solution for another sunny day.

Here is a recipe for a vat of bubble solution:

2 cups Joy dishwashing detergent
6 cups water
3/4 cups white Karo corn syrup.


I Am Rachele said...

Thank you for sharing these great homemade bubble blowers and your magic solution. Every Thursday, myself and a few other bloggers host a linky playdate on our sites for play and process art ideas. This would be a great post to share! Stop by and check out last weeks if you have a chance and if you like it, come post with us this Thursday. We call it It's Playtime!

Rachele @ Messy Kids

Marnie said...

Love this post! Great images! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing how to make soap bubbles. I've always wanted to know.