Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Monkey Twins Play Restaurant

The Monkey Twins wanted to play restaurant. They had a big basket of play food, most of it made of wood. The Monkey Twins asked Grandpa Bear what he would like to eat for dinner.

"Oh, anything," he said, looking into the basket. "But whatever you do, don't give me any radishes, thank you. I don't care for radishes."

Grandpa Bear listened to the Monkey Twins while he had his bread and butter.

Even though they were making a racket stirring the wooden food with their big spoons, he could still hear them whispering.

The first course came. It was soup.
"Oh, soup," said Grandpa Bear. "I just love soup! I just love.....radish soup." Oh, those mischievous little Monkey Twins!

They laughed when they saw the funny face Grandpa Bear made.

They fell to the floor laughing.

The next course was salad. It looked wonderful: beautiful bright green foam lettuce pieces, and underneath, just peeking out.....a radish.

"What will I do with these Monkey Twins!" said Grandpa Bear, throwing up his arms.

The Monkey Twins burst out laughing and swung their partners, round and round.

More soup next!
"Oh, that smells good!" said Grandpa Bear, "I just can't get enough soup!" He leaned over and inhaled.
"Mmmmm! Yummy! Chicken soup with onion and......" Then he saw it: the radish cuddled up next to the drumstick.

The Monkey Twins laughed and laughed.

Ah, the main course! Meat and plenty of it! Just right for a hungry bear. There was a hot dog fresh off the grill, a big marbled steak, a green hamburger, an egg, and not a vegetable to be seen except......a radish.

Monkey Twins! They stood on their heads and laughed!

And now, for dessert! Surely dessert would be safe from radishes. But when dessert came, there they were, not one but two radishes, pretending to be cherries on top of a plate of fruit.

"Radishes!" moaned Grandpa Bear, slowly tipping over backwards and sticking his feet up in the air.

Boy, did those Monkey Twins laugh! But Grandpa Bear suddenly popped up.

He grabbed those Monkey Twins, first one, then the other.

How Grandpa Bear loved those Monkey Twins. He loved, loved, loved those funny Monkey Twins.

Copyright 2009 Elizabeth F. Curtin

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