Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Natural Egg Dyeing

You probably have everything you need to do this project at home. We used flowers, leaves and grass from the garden, rubberbands, yellow onions, vinegar, and white eggs. I had a few extra supplies on hand, thinking I would need them.

First, peel the dry, crackly outer skin from the onions.

Now dip your egg into some water.

Press some of the flowers, leaves, and grass onto the egg. The water on the egg helps them stick.

Now a grownup's help may be needed. This part is tricky. Cover the egg with the onion skins. Put the largest pieces on the outside.

Hold the skins in place with the rubberbands. You should have a tidy little package.

Put the egg into a pot and add a couple of tablespoons or so of vinegar. The vinegar helps the onion skin dye to stick to the egg.

Heap in all the leftover onion skins and add water to cover the egg. This child threw in the leftover leaves from the garden, too.

Now boil the egg for about ten minutes. Let it soak for a while as it cools down. When the egg is cool enough to touch, peel off the rubberbands and the onion skins.

Look what you made!

The flowers, leaves, and grasses leave beautiful patterns on the egg.

Now, you can use your eggs to make a spring scene or decorate for Easter.

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SF said...

Wow, this is really clever!!! Must try it :)