Monday, April 6, 2009

A Springtime Forest Adventure

It had been raining for a whole week and Zibby and the Pirate were ready to go outside. They went for a walk in the forest. Zibby climbed a tree.

The Pirate chopped some wood with his little sword.

Then they decided to climb a huge boulder. It looked like there was a cave on top. The children went to investigate. Zibby went first. She loved to climb.

The Pirate was close behind.

Suddenly, they heard a strange sound coming out of the cave. Grrrrrrrr-Choo! Zibby ran.

The Pirate ran.

Zibby went straight up a tree.

The Pirate hid his face on the ground for a moment,

and then he scrambled behind a rock. Mugwort peeked out to see what was going on.

There wasn't anything to see but a pirate hat lying on the ground.

One by one the children popped out from their hiding places, first the Pirate,

and then Zibby.

They didn't hear anything for a few minutes, so they crept back towards the boulder. The Pirate led the way this time, but he wanted his friend close by.
"Come on, Zibby," he said, "There's nothing to be afraid of."

But suddenly, "Grrrrrrr-choo!" They heard that noise again! Zibby and the Pirate ran like lightning.

Zibby hid.

The Pirate hid.

The Pirate decided that it was time to be very brave. He had to know what made that funny sound. They crept closer and started to climb the boulder again, first the very brave pirate,

and then Zibby.

All of the sudden, they heard a snuffling noise. The Pirate froze. Zibby hid her eyes.

A sleepy bear poked his head out of the cave.

"Hello," said the bear. "Do you have a tissue? I caught a bad cold. Grrrrr-choo!" He sneezed.

Zibby and the Pirate wanted to laugh, but they didn't think it would be polite.

"I have one in the picnic basket," Zibby said.

The bear blew and blew.

He seemed to feel a little better afterwards.

He looked around and saw that it was a beautiful day and that all the little maple seedlings were pushing up through the dead leaves on the forest floor.

"I must have overslept because of my bad cold," said the bear. Zibby wondered if he was hungry. Hibernating could make you very hungry.

"Would you like to have some lunch with us?" she asked him.

The bear clapped his hands.

"Yes, I would!" he said.

Zibby, the Pirate, and the bear climbed to the top of the boulder and had a picnic of cheese, bread, and raisins. It was delicious.

It was a beautiful spring day in the forest, a day for being brave, for sharing, and for making new friends.

Copyright 2009 Elizabeth F. Curtin

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