Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to Make a Pompom Bunny

Here's how to make a beautiful little pompom bunny, one of spring's sweet babies.

This project will take some time. An upper elementary child can do it. It is also a fun project for a parent and would make a wonderful gift for a child. It is not a good gift for a baby or toddler, however. A baby might chew the fur, and the toddler might have a little too much fun pulling out all the hair.

For this project you need: poster board or other strong paper, some circles to trace, (or a compass,) a pencil, paper scissors, yarn in a good bunny color, thread, a large-eyed yarn needle, a sewing needle (or a doll needle if you have one,) strong fabric scissors, some felt for bunny ears, some yarn for the tail, and optional button eyes.

First decide how large you want your bunny to be. Choose some circles to trace for the body and head pompoms. For figuring out the proportions of the body to the head, it might help to look at a stuffed bunny toy or some photographs of real bunnies.

These children are tracing around a biscuit cutter for the body of the bunny.

This child is cutting out the tracing.

Now make the circle into a ring, and cut a slot in it.

This child is showing the slot cut in the ring. The slot helps you wind yarn around the ring.

Trace a circle for the head. You need two of each size ring, all slotted.

Pick out a beautiful bunny colored yarn. I was lucky enough to have some gray cashmere left over from a knitting project.

Stack the two large rings and start wrapping your yarn. We started with white wool to experiment in making a spot on the bunny, and then began winding the gray cashmere.

Wrapping until the ring is plump will make a nice dense pompom.

Now slide the strong fabric scissors between the two cardboard rings and carefully cut the yarn all the way around.

It should look like this. Hold it carefully so it doesn't fall apart.

Take a length of yarn and pull it between the two rings. You may need an extra pair of hands. This yarn should be doubled. Pull very firmly, and tie it tight.

Pull out the cardboard and fluff your pompom.

You may trim the uneven bits if you want, just don't overdo it and give your bunny a short haircut.

Time to give your pompom a hug. It is starting to feel like a real bunny.

Make the head pompom now.

Do not cut the long piece of yarn you used to tie the small pompom together. Thread it through the yarn needle and sew it firmly into the dense knotted center of the body pompom. Knot it and trim it.

Cut two felt ears and sew them into the dense center of the head pompom using the sewing needle and thread. (This is when a doll needle is handy.)

To make the tail I wound some very soft fluffy white yarn around my finger and tied the ring together with another piece of yarn. I left the ends of the yarn long enough to sew into the center of the body pompom.

I experimented with some shoe button eyes, but decided I liked my bunny better without them. Now let your bunny down to explore the garden.

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