Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day Surprise

Happy May Day!

Christians all over the world celebrate the Virgin Mary today, gardeners celebrate spring, traditional girl's schools like the one I went to celebrate with a May Queen and a dance around the maypole, and everyone can celebrate kindness. Celebrate kindness by making a special bouquet, perhaps for someone who lives alone, and leave it hanging on their front doorknob in secret. Children love doing a secret good deed. Sometimes it is fun for them to ring the doorbell (only one time!) and hide in the bushes to see their neighbor find the beautiful surprise.

The construction of the cone is very simple. Just roll up a piece of printer paper, and tape or staple it together. A colored cone or a paper doily cone would be nice, too. Use a hole puncher to make some holes and thread a ribbon for hanging the cone on the doorknob. Make a bouquet. We wrapped ours in a wet paper towel and crunched some aluminum foil around it, in case the bouquet isn't found for a while.

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