Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Monkey Twins Are Jealous

It had been raining for a week, and the Monkey Twins were tired of playing indoors.

They decided to ride their French ambulance. Pazzo got to go first while Pippo watched.

Suddenly, Pazzo fell off.

Grandpa Bear was working in the kitchen when he heard Pazzo start to wail. Grandpa Bear came running.

"What happened Pazzo? Are you okay?" asked Grandpa Bear.

Grandpa Bear picked Pazzo up and carried him into the kitchen.

Pazzo sobbed until Grandpa Bear finished putting on a band-aid.

The Monkey Twins went to play again, but very soon after, Pippo tumbled off the ambulance.

Pippo cried even more loudly than Pazzo.

"Oh, my goodness," said Grandpa Bear. "What a morning you two are having!"

"Where did you get hurt?" Grandpa Bear asked Pippo.
"My leg," said Pippo, looking at Pazzo.

"Which leg?" asked Grandpa Bear. Pippo thought for a moment.

"This leg?" asked Grandpa Bear. "Or this one?" Pippo didn't seem sure.
"Let's bandage up this one," said Grandpa Bear.

The Monkey Twins got out their marble run. There was peace and quiet for a few moments, but suddenly,

Grandpa Bear heard some angry squealing.

The Monkey Twins were fighting.

"Monkey Twins!" cried Grandpa Bear. "Stop it this instant!"

"Why are you fighting?" asked Grandpa Bear.
"It's my turn to play with the special marble!" Pazzo shouted.
"The special marble?" asked Grandpa Bear.

"Mine!" yelled Pazzo, and jumped on Pippo. The Monkey Twins were at it again. Grandpa Bear pulled them apart and made them put the marbles away.

No more marbles for today.

Grandpa Bear put some muffins on the table for the Monkey Twins' snack.

The Monkey Twins sat down and looked at each others' plates.

"Pippo has more muffin than me!" said Pazzo.

"Pazzo has more muffin than me!" said Pippo.

"Oh, Monkey Twins," sighed Grandpa Bear. He leaned over and looked at the muffins closely. The Monkey Twins waited and watched.
"Hmm!" said Grandpa Bear. "You're right! Pippo has one more crumb than Pazzo!"

The Monkey Twins did not think that was funny. Not at all.

Grandpa Bear looked at his two discontented Monkey Twins. There was silence for a moment.
"Come here, Monkey Twins," he said, and he scooped them up.

He scooped them up, and he held them close, and he rocked those little Monkey Twins. He rocked, rocked, rocked those little Monkey Twins. No one said a word. No one needed to.

Copyright 2009 Elizabeth F. Curtin

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