Thursday, May 14, 2009

Play With Flowers

Snapdragons are fun to play with. If you squeeze the "jaw," you can make the dragon snap! It is fun to use the snapdragon like a little puppet.

Make a teeny tiny bouquet just the right size for a mouse's house.

We used Blue-Eyed Mary.

Forget-Me-Nots also makes wonderful miniature bouquets.

Blow a dandelion clock. Count how many seeds are left. That's how many children you might have when you grow up! Or make a wish before you blow. Your wish might come true if you blow all the seeds away.

Here is one of the most enchanting flowers of the spring garden: the Dicentra.

Pick one of the beautiful little heart-shaped flowers. If you pull back the pink petals, you will see Princess Dicentra.

Pull the petals off and you will find a little lyre hidden inside. A lyre is a kind of harp. Long ago in Ancient Greece, lyre music was played while people sang and recited poetry.

And finally, the little Dicentra flowers make very pretty pocketbooks for tiny dolls and fairies. This little fairy is on her way to do some errands and has her little pocketbook under her arm.

Do you, your parents, or your grandparents know some ways to play with flowers? If you write back to me in "comments," I may publish your answers.

For more wonderful ideas for playing with children in the garden, read "Sunflower Houses" by Sharon Lovejoy. For instructions on how to make a fairy like the one holding the Dicentra pocketbook, read Sally Mavor's "Felt Wee Folk."

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