Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Imaginative World of Apak

This beautiful painting called Nature's Kitchen is by Aaron and Ayumi Piland, a.k.a. Apak, an artist couple with a wonderful online store on etsy. If you click on the posting title above, you can visit their imaginative world.

Limited Edition Print (Natures Kitchen)

An Interview With Apak

Beth: Can you tell me about your inspiration and how you get new ideas?

Apak: We are always inspired by nature, science, and all the mysteries and wonders of the world. There is a beauty and harmony that radiates from life and the universe and we are just trying to capture that.

Beth: How do you work together?

Apak: Through many good and bad days with lots of love for each other.

Beth: How did you start working together?

Apak: One art show at the end of 2005 really helped us realize this is what we want to try together. We had a same vision and were excited to share it with everyone.

Beth: Tell me something about where you art comes from.

Apak: It's important for us to be in touch with the important things which we intuitively knew as children but gradually forgot as we got older. We use art to make our fantasies real.

Beth: Can you suggest a good drawing or painting project for children?

Apak: Go for a walk in your neighborhood and collect precious little things. Bring them back and draw them!

Beth: Okay, children, get started!

Elusive Catch by Apak

Limited Edition Print (Elusive Catch)

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