Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Elf Dolls!

My new elf dolls are ready! These dolls are safe for babies but enjoyed by older children, too.

I love the way waldorf dolls have individual little faces and personalities.

Their cotton jersey skin comes in all the colors of people: chocolate brown, dark mocha, light mocha, golden, peach, and fair.

They are stuffed with wool so they warm up when you hold them and feel real. Their jumpsuits are cotton velour, velvety soft.

To visit primroses doll shop, look for the primroses.etsy.com link in the column at right. They will be appearing there one by one over the coming days. The hot pink one, Geranium Elf, sold the day I put it on etsy! Hooray!


suzanne said...

Dear Beth

What gorgeous Waldorf dolls. My you have such talent. I am sure they will fly out your shop.

Have a great day

Warm regards

Beth said...

Thanks, Suzanne! I hope you are right that people will like them!

gardenmama said...

These dolls are gorgeous Beth! Congratulations on your sale of Geranium Elf, I agree with Suzanne I think they will sell quickly! We have three little dollies for each of my children in this same style, they are too sweet : )

Beth said...

Thank you. I like it when their heads flop endearingly, too, like one my daughter had when she was a baby.