Monday, July 6, 2009

Farmer's Market: Irvington, Virginia

We went to a wonderful farmer's market in Irvington, Virginia a couple of weeks ago. Irvington is in the northern neck, a coastal area of the Chesapeake Bay. Virginia is a place where tiny ladies and gentlemen still wear hand-smocked clothing and are taught to say "sir" and "ma'am."

We saw a lady making Nantucket baskets,

fresh, ripe corn,

art by Mama Girl,

colorful birdhouses,

and other colorful creations like this wacky fish ladder. One of the signs below says, "I'm On River Time." "River time" means timeless summer days, where you never bother to look at the clock, like summers when you were a boy or girl.

The farmer's market took place next to the Hope and Glory Inn,

which is across the street from the Irvington Baptist Church.

Later we picked up fresh steamed crabs for our yearly seafood feast.

Here is the sign posted at the little vegetable stand next to the steamed crab place.

We bought some tomatoes for tomato sandwiches. My daughter and I will eat tomato sandwiches all summer, and never get tired of them.


suzanne said...

Oh Beth this is my kind of market...I just love the simple life. I search for markets like these to take my children to. Our Town has just started an Organic food market. I am so excited. Enjoy your tomato sandwiches.

Warm regards

gardenmama said...

It looks like a fun market!
Yay for tomato sandwiches : )
We just returned home from an island get away and saw a shirt that said "I am on island time" it is a good time to be on ; )

Beth said...

It's like cape time, too!