Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harvest at the Community Garden

We picked a huge bag of green beans this week. I like their rough texture and raw fragrance.

My daughter's first fennel was ready to pick. I got down low to peer beneath the fronds. It is like a dappled forest down there. I began imagining the Monkey Twins camping out among the fennel trees.

We picked beets for a cold salad,

and a huge bag of lamb's quarters. Lamb's quarters was brought to this country long ago by Europeans. It is a tasty green and I like its taste better than spinach when it is cooked. My youngest wanted seconds the first time he ate some. Most people regard it as a weed and toss it. I explored all the wild and weedy areas along the fringe of the community garden, and picked to my heart's content.

This is the garlic I grew from a sprouting bulb in the refrigerator.

Here is my first sweet pea crop. They have loved this cool and rainy summer.

I love the way each color has its own sweet fragrance. I will plant them every year from now on.


Lisa said...

How I love sweet peas!! We have many community gardens in our area. They really are a great way to grow your own food if you don't have the space. I love to see what people are growing!!

Beth said...

I love community gardens, too. Our plots are quite small, and you can grow a lot even in a small space, especially if your garden is a crowded untidy mess, like mine! My daughter has her own very orderly plot. The variety to be seen throughout the garden is wonderful, and I love to look at the little sculptures, Tibetan flags, gnomes, rock collections, and other decorations that people use to personalize their spaces.

gardenmama said...

Community gardens are a wonderful idea! I like seeing how differently people choose to use their space.
Your photos are gorgeous, I love the sweet peas!!
I love that you also eat 'weeds' I have an email in the works to you and have shared about some of our foraging and weed eating adventures ; )

Beth said...

I would love to learn more about foraging for wild foods from you, gardenmama. I am just starting to learn about it. I did go back and pick beach peas at the beach this weekend and they were horrible! It was too late, and they had gotten too tough. Next year I will try to be more vigilant and pick them sooner.

suzanne said...

Beth I can smell your sweetpeas..A smell I know too well wafting through my home. I identify your green leafy veg as an African wild veg called "Morogo". I often see the rural African ladies bending over what I thought was a weed picking until I tasted it. It is lovely.

Happy picking

Beth said...

The lavender one smells best...mmmm. Thank you for telling me about morogo.