Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Monkey Twins Eat Too Many Tomatoes

Tomato season had come at last.

How the Monkey Twins loved tomatoes. They loved, loved, loved tomatoes. They begged to have them for every meal. For lunch they wanted tomato sandwiches.

"More, Grandpa Bear, more," The Monkey Twins begged. Patient Grandpa Bear. He wanted them to like what he cooked. So for dinner he gave the Monkey Twins spaghetti with tomato sauce.

"More, Grandpa Bear, more," begged the Monkey Twins. So patient Grandpa Bear made fried tomatoes for breakfast.

"More, Grandpa Bear, more!" begged the Monkey Twins. So Grandpa Bear made tomato burritos for lunch.

"More, Grandpa Bear, more!" begged the Monkey Twins. So Grandpa Bear made tomato slices with mozzarella, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil for snack.

"More, Grandpa Bear, more," begged the Monkey Twins. So Grandpa Bear made tomato pizza for dinner. And so it continued for days on end....tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. They never seemed to get tired of them.

But Grandpa Bear was running out of ideas. So one day for breakfast he gave the Monkey Twins toast with tomato sauce spread on top. It was all he could think of. The Monkey Twins quietly stared at their breakfast.

Pippo whispered in Pazzo's ear.

Pazzo turned to Grandpa Bear.

"No more, Grandpa Bear, no more," he said. "We're tired of tomatoes. No more tomatoes, ever, ever, ever."

Grandpa Bear was relieved. He was tired of tomatoes, too, and tired of thinking of new ways to fix them. He hoped the Monkey Twins wouldn't have any more food fads, ever, ever, ever. Anyway, tomato season would be over soon...

and corn season would be beginning. How the Monkey Twins loved corn.....

Copyright 2009, Elizabeth F. Curtin


suzanne said...

Hello Beth

Boy, do I feel like a tomato now. All those lovely ideas are just what I feel like making for my little ones. We also love corn. We grow them every year.

Have a wonderful evening
Warm regards

Beth said...

Wow, you grow corn and tomatoes? I have never had the space for corn. I sure love it, though. I think that a perfect summer supper is fresh corn on the cob with lots of butter, salt and pepper, sliced tomatoes, and a salad. Mmmmmm.

gardenmama said...

What a sweet post Beth! : )
Do the monkey twins happen to have the last name of Steiff? : ) They look like the German Steiff animals anyway! your veggie photos leave me feeling hungry, yum! All the rain has left my gardens a little too
wet than I would like although the lettuce has been very thankful for the cool weather!

Beth said...

Yes, they are Steiff!!!! They were my toys, and I am getting lots of ideas for stories about them. If you scroll back through the blog sometime, you will find three or four other Monkey Twin stories, and some stories about Zibby and the Pirate. I have a soft spot for those mischievous Monkey Twins, though.