Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Raspberry Time

It's raspberry time.
Picking time,

looking time,

jamming time,

tasting time.


gardenmama said...

eek! your banner is so great! I love that little exploring snail : ) Your photos are lovely Beth the first one is so pretty and your jam!!! it looks so yummy, your tag is beautiful!

Beth said...

Hi, Gardenmama! Thank you! I finally realized I could get my photos to retain their rich color when I put them on blogger by boosting the color. Hooray!

suzanne said...

Hi Beth

My favourite Jam...To make your own jam is such a treat. Oh boy reading everyones Summer filled Blogs. I am Itching with all your ideas to make when it gets warmer.

Have a lovely day Beth
Warm regards

Beth said...

It is hard for me to imagine it being cold and wintry elsewhere in the world right now. But my son asked me to buy him some new snowpants today to get ready for winter!