Thursday, August 27, 2009

Build a Driftwood Cottage

I have been collecting driftwood this summer. It's fun to build with!

Here is the beautiful driftwood house, which this young girl built for the little beach elf she made with a little bit of my help with the clothes. The elf is made of a wooden bead glued to a wine cork, with a twist of pipe cleaner for arms. It has a glued hat and a sewn tunic made of wool felt. (Sewing works much better than glue with wool felt, we learned.) The girl drew the elf's face with colored pencils. What a beautiful, seaside driftwood cottage she made for her elf!


prettydreamer said...

Beth, what a lovely post ... it is a pleasure looking at "Acorn Pies"!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

We are admirers of driftwood too. Every once in a while we choose a special piece to bring home from the lake. Great cottage! Thanks for sharing.

suzanne said...

What a lovely drift wood cottage Beth. Somehow, the beach lends itself to making houses for the sea fairy's.

Have a great day