Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dewy Morning

It's a dewy morning in the 70's, and there is a tinge of Fall in the air.

This is the Slug Summer Camp below, at the end of the season.

And here is one of the slugs. Normally I find them disgusting, but as I watched it slowly ooching through the grass I began to feel that it was almost.....cute. It is just a naked snail, after all.

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gardenmama said...

We too are feeling these gentle reminders that Fall is in the air, Fall is certainly a favored month of mine yet I am holding on to summer with all that I have : )
I love, love your laundry on the line photo! There is something about clothesline pics that I am in love with! I have a few posted today too : ) Enjoy these last summer days Beth!!