Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Whistle on an Acorn Cap

Acorns are falling already in New England. Would you like to learn to whistle on an acorn cap?

Make two fists and press your knuckles together. Rest the acorn cap on your fists with the open side up. Cover the bottom part of the acorn cap with the lower part of your thumbs. Try to press them together hard enough so that no air can escape that way. You should leave a little triangular-shaped opening at the top of the acorn cap.

Press your open lips over your thumb knuckles and blow hard.

It takes some practice but an acorn cap makes an incredibly loud whistle. Don't blow the whistle near people's ears!

What else can you use to make a whistle? I've tried a pen cap, a bottle cap, and a slipper shell. Would a water bottle cap work? A walnut shell?


gardenmama said...

What a sweet post Beth!
My children think it is pure magic when I whistle with an acorn cap! I love the things you post about so very much you should write a book with all of these beautiful ideas! My Dad used to blow across the top of a glass bottle to make the sound of a fog horn : )
So you do realize I am slightly obsessed with Waldorf dolls right? Each time I visit here Clementina calls my name! ; ) Enjoy the rest of these sweet summer days!

The Magic Onions said...

I am going to work on this tomorrow until I can do it!
Thanks for the instructions.
Blessings and magic.

The Magic Onions said...
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Beth said...

Hi, Nicole! It sounds like your father and grandfather knew lots of entertaining tricks! Another fun one is whistling on a grass stem. I remember when a neighbor taught me how to do that. Thank you for urging me to write a book. And I'm glad you like Clementina. I have a soft spot for her, too!

Beth said...

Hi, Magic Onions! Good luck! You can do it!

Bilal said...

i am on a forest school course today, and the instructor taught me how to make a whistle out of an unoccupied snail shell. it is the same exact technique as with acorns but making the v shape over the open hole of the shell. i found your site when i didn't have success making the whistle sound when i got home. thanks for your post.