Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Colors for Striped Hats

This is the time of year when knitters itch to be knitting again. The air is a little frosty at night. You are thinking of lighting the first fire in the fireplace. Soon you'll be wanting warm new hats for the children.

These three hats were designed for young boys. There are some grape tones, and some people consider purple a girl color, but I think the browns and strong oranges predominate and make them look masculine enough for a boy. All of these hats make me think of Fall days, changing leaves, playing outdoors, and pink cheeks. They are very warm and comfortable.


Tan Family said...

Handsome hats! You are quite a talented knitter. :)

Beth said...

Thanks! Do you like to knit?

Sara said...

These are so pretty Beth! I love the colors that you chose....and the tassel on the middle one! Are these made from wool that you spun? Gosh....did I ever get back to you about my sheep?.....they are corriedale.
Happy knitting to you,

gardenmama said...

And you knit too!
So lovely Beth, beautiful colors that also remind me of fall : )
My sewing and knitting has found their way into my days lately too!

Beth said...

Hi, Sara,
I did not spin the wool in these. But it is extra fun to knit when I have. Do you dye your yarn, too? Beth

Farmama said...

Hi Beth,
Yes. I mostly use plant dyes...but sometimes use the non-toxic acid (vinegar) dyes. Very Fun!