Monday, September 7, 2009

How to Shoot a Plantain Seedhead

My parents taught me how to do this when I was little. Choose a nice, tall, plantain seed stalk.

Wrap a second stem around the nice, tall one, and pinch. It must be held firmly enough to pop off the seed head when you slide it up the stem, but loose enough to slide.

Now quickly slide the second stem up the first one and pop off the seed head. It should go flying. Sometimes we can shoot it only about three feet. Once we shot it about ten feet, backwards and over our heads!!!! How far can you make it go?


Jessica said...

I loved doing this as a child--wonderful photographs!

gardenmama said...

ha! this looks like great fun! I love it : ) I am drawing a blank on the name right now... a pretty orange weed that grows up tall and you merely touch the seed pod and it 'pops' everywhere and the green that popped is left in a tiny spiral. A favorite thing for my kids and I to find! I like the rosehips in your banner, I just gathered a bunch of them in hopes of making tea yet I have never done it before any suggestions for tea or other usage?

Beth said...

Hi, Jessica, I was thinking about you today and hope all is well. I'll check your blog.

Beth said...

Hi, Gardenmama, Could you be talking about touch-me-not? If so, I want to go find some and try that! As for rosehips, I wanted to make rosehip jelly but couldn't find any that hadn't begun to shrivel. I'll keep looking. Have you tried nibbling the outer layer of the ripe rose hip? It is delicious. To make rose hip tea I think I would cut off anything inedible looking, like the stem, etc, slice it in half and put some in a piece of cheesecloth for a tea bag. Let me know how it works. I think rose leaves are also used for tea.

farmama sara said...

Hi Beth,
I had to show this post to my boys who love bugs too!