Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award


Sara from the blog Farmama gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award yesterday. Hooray! Thank you, Sara! Click on the title of this post to visit her wonderful blog about raising a family on a tiny sustainable farm in the southwestern United States.

Here's what Kreativ Blogger Award recipients are supposed to do:

1. Copy the award to your site.

2.Link to the person from whom you received the award.

3. Nominate 7 other bloggers.

4. Link to those sites on your blog.

5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominate.

.....and you are also to list 7 things about yourself.

I haven't figured out how to link within my posts yet! Please click on the blogs below in my blog list on the right hand column.

Here are my Kreativ Blogger Award recipients:

Magic Onions http: //themagiconions.blogspot.com/

Using wonderful photographs and two cute children, this blogger shows us a steady stream of creative nature crafts which young children can do. She also hosts a Friday Nature Table, where she invites visiting bloggers to link to their own nature crafts and posts about animals, plants, and bugs. She helps us nature bloggers to find one another. Thank you, Magic Onions!

Down in the Meadow http://downinthemeadow.blogspot.com/

Suzanne, in South Africa, opens the door to the wonderful world of her home, to the celebrations, special meals, games, and sunlit home-centered activities of her family's days. She has a very special flair for creating a beautiful scene and probably should have her own magazine. I would subscribe!

Syrendell http://syrendell.blogspot.com/

Syrendell is the blog of a wonderful waldorf homeschooling family. This busy mother, Jennifer, provides an incredible wealth of ideas for educating the children through nature, creativity and art, stories and literature, natural toys, and special seasonal family celebrations. How do they do so much?

Gardenmama http://www.gardenmama.typepad.com/

Every time I visit Nicole's site I am completely bowled over by the gorgeous photography and words which carry me away to a place of country fun and nature magic. I wish I had a book by this talented blogger. I would love to curl up by the fire and get carried away into her world.

Attic 24 http://attic24.typepad.com/

Lucy's blog,which I recently discovered, is chock full of color and I go to it for my morning color vitamin. Her great photographs, her vibrant crochet work, and the threads she strands between different objects which share color bring me inspiration and joy, joy, joy.

5 Orange Potatoes http://5orangepotatoes.blogspot.com/

Another site with amazing photographs, 5 Orange Potatoes features enchanting child-made crafts and fascinating plant lore. A recent post showed how to make a tiny globe ornament terrarium of some of Shakespeare's plants. Very beautiful. I just recently found 5 Orange Potatoes and can't wait to see more.

Frontier Dreams http://frontierdreams.blogspot.com/

Another favorite new discovery, Nicole's Frontier Dreams makes me check in every day to see beautiful natural crafts, knitted stuff, waldorf inspiration, and cute little girls in prairie bonnets!

Seven Things About Me

I'm a portrait artist, and have been doing commissioned children's portraits for over twenty years. In recent years I have done series of children wearing costumes, and teens wearing their own individual daily costumes. I am now beginning a series of hand-colored lino prints of children playing.

Because of my husband's love, encouragement, and support, I get to make art everyday, and get to constantly learn and grow as an artist and crafter. I'm very lucky and I know it!

I love to watch my three children grow and develop through their own creativity and inventiveness. This is one of the most wonderful rewards of being a creative mother. Creativity is infectious.

It is also fascinating to watch what we parents pass on in other ways. One of the things I try to teach is "winging it", that is, improvising and figuring things out for yourself when you don't know how to do something.

I love to make things with children, and love to share what I know about nature with them.

I remember exactly what it felt like to be a child alone with a friend in the woods. We were explorers, survivors, pioneers, builders, inventors, and hunters. We were strong and independent and capable, and I think this is the way the woods make children feel if we can give them a chance to play there.

I find more and more that being in the woods or in the country or by the sea unwinds something inside of me, and brings me peace and joy. I need it more and more.

Acorn Pies is bringing many of things I love together in one place: children, families, nature, making toys, knitting, bugs, animals, plants, art, celebrations, the seasons, and stories. I feel my whole life becoming less compartmentalized and more integrated, and I love it!


suzanne said...

Hello Beth

You are very special to have written such kind words about me and my blog. I find myself in this wonderful world of other mothers sharing their lives and I love it. It has become such a part of my life. It is tough not being able to meet as mothers together but the fact that we have all found each other in this big World, is a blessing in itself. Your blog is an inspiration and I am happy to have met you this way. Thank you so much for the award Beth...

Happy day to you
Warm regards

5 orange potatoes said...

This is so nice! Thank you Beth for the wonderful words about my site. I'm so glad to have found you as well! LOVE the activities you do using only items found in nature. Who needs a craft store when you have the outdoors!


gardenmama said...

You are a true artist Beth, it was lovely to read more about you and I really love that you are teaching your kids about just 'winging it' I think that is such a wonderful way to do things and hope to be teaching my kids the same! Thank you for your sweet words about my blog, that means so much to me. I am honored that you included me here : )

Farmama said...

Hi Beth,
I loved reading the seven things about you. Your portrait art sounds wonderful...and I couldn't agree with you more about how being in nature brings peace and joy! Take care Beth and Happy October to you!

Beth said...

Hi Lisa of 5 Orange Potatoes! You are so welcome! I can't wait to learn more about how you do things and more about plants and herbs from you and your wonderful blog! Beth

Beth said...

Dear Nicole,

I am so lucky to have discovered Gardenmama this year! You have a gift and it is a joy to witness! Keep going! love, Beth

Beth said...

Hi, Farmama! I appreciate not only your award and the recognition of my efforts, but also the opportunity to pass the encouragement on to other bloggers. love, Beth

The Magic Onions said...

Beautiful post, Beth... I said 'me too' to every thing you wrote! Esp the playing in the woods part... I feel it's so important to let children explore on their own. Find themselves capable... it's such a fine line between needing to protect them from everything and giving them freedom to let their spirits soar. Thanks for making me think of this today.
I am honored you passed this on to me.
Blessings and magic.

Tan Family said...

Wow! Thank you very much for this wonderful award. Your words about our blog made my day! I enjoyed reading all about you, too. I am enjoying getting inspiration from you blog each week. ;) --Jennifer