Friday, September 18, 2009

More Patchy Dolls!

Presenting more Patchy Dolls for my primroses shop:

Phoebe Lou Patchy Doll

Phoebe Lou: "Mama, you are my best lovey."
Mama: "And you are mine, Phoebe Lou."

Teeny Wee Patchy Doll

Teeny Wee: "Mama, will I be your best girl forever?"
Mama: "Forever and ever, Teeny Wee."

It's fun to make these colorful and lovable girls!


suzanne said...

Hi Beth

I think you have a winner dolly here. I have searched for dolly's everywhere and yours is a definite original. Really lovely. Good luck with sales. I am sure you will do well

Warm regards

Yarn Miracle said...

THey are so cute! I love their little bandana hat things.

Beth said...

Thanks, Emily!

Beth said...

Thank you, Suzanne! They do feel like my own unique and original creation, which makes them a lot of fun to make.

Sara said...

I love these patchy dolls you make! They are so bright and colorful and fun!

gardenmama said...

they are incredibly sweet beth, i love to see your signature style!