Monday, September 14, 2009

Pippa Lee Patchy Doll

Pippa Lee: "Mama, may I be a pirate when I grow up?"
Mama: "You may be whatever you want, sweetie."

Pippa Lee is my happy new doll. I love sitting on my sewing sofa surrounded by all the fabrics I am using to make patchy dolls.

There are seven fabrics in her body and clothes, maybe more. She is a celebration of color!

More patchy dolls are coming to my shop, primroses, later this week.


farmama said...

Pippa Lee is awesome! I love the many bright colors you used! You are so wonderfully creative!!!!!

Beth said...

Thank you so much, Farmama! She was fun to make because I love color.

FairiesNest said...

She's absolutely adorable!

gardenmama said...

I love all the bright cheery color!! She is adorable : )