Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beth Curtin's New Lino Prints

Boy Playing in Puddles

It is a gray and rainy day, and a boy wanders dreamily through the puddles. The rain is pouring and playing a staccato tune on his umbrella. Big drips fall off the edges of the umbrella. He watches the ripples and splashes the rain and his boots make. He looks at the shadows and the reflections in the water. It is a rainy day, a peaceful, quiet, beautiful rainy day.

Girl Making a Fairy House

When you are making something and using your imagination, things can be any way you want. You are the architect and designer of your fairy house. You are the builder. Then you are the homemaker, creating cozy places to eat and sleep, places to store water and food, places to play and be together with the fairy family. You are the artist, decorating your house with feathers, acorns, sticks, flowers, nuts, leaves. And then, you are all the people who live in your little house: each fairy, each fairy's voice. So you are an actor. And you make up stories. So then you become the playwright or novelist. You can make your own little world. Just you!

I love to watch children play, and for the past six months or so, I have taken many pictures of children playing. Sometimes I am taking pictures for acorn pies, and some of these lino prints will be recognizable if you have been following my blog. At other times I am adding to a large collection of photos as references for a new direction in my art. Drawing children at play brings together my fascination with children's games and imagination and my portrait work.

I also want to create some art which is more accessibly priced. Most of the art in my studio takes months to draw. When we have open studio in my building, I want the average person to be able to take some of my art home with them if they want. I have also been wanting to make some art which would be affordable enough to decorate children's rooms.

But I also want each of my pieces to have my hand in it. Each of the pictures is printed by hand from a hand-carved lino block, and hand-colored with watercolor. For this reason, each one is a bit unique and there will some variability between them. You can see them on etsy soon.

Copyright 2009 Beth Curtin. Please help me protect my art. Do not copy.


The Magic Onions said...

Beth... is there no end to your talent?! These are charming... they capture the moments you speak of so clearly... they ARE childhood... I LOVE them.
Blessings and magic.

Beth said...

Thanks, Kelly! I'm glad you like them! I was hoping people would!

Farmama said...

Hi Beth,
I LOVE these lino prints! They're so great and they remind me of the Scandinavian story books that I grew up with and that I now read to my kids! Thanks so much for sharing....I can't wait to see them in your etsy shop.
Love, Sara

5 orange potatoes said...

Those are amazing Beth!!! You remind me of Winnie the Pooh's illustrator E.H. Shepard (a favorite around here)!

I can't wait to see them on Etsy! Go for it lady!


Beth said...

Hi, Farmama! I'm so happy that my drawings remind you of Scandinavian books. Are you thinking of Elsa Beskow? I love those books, too, and love to be compared to them! Thanks! Beth

Beth said...

Hi, Lisa,

Thanks for the wonderful compliment! Shepard is definitely an inspiration of mine. I adore Shepard's illustrations and wanted to use Winnie the Pooh-like coloring for the lino prints...those clear spring greens, grays, faded reds, sky blues. Thank you, thank you! Beth

suzanne said...

Oh My Beth these are unique. I love art and have a few pieces in my home. What a talented lady you are. I look forward to seeing them in your shop. Once again Beth , I leave feeling happy.

Have a wonderful day
Warm regards

Beth said...

Thank you, Suzanne. Your words mean a lot. love, Beth

gardenmama said...

I love your work Beth!
Linocuts and woodcuts are my favorite style of art! Mary Azarian is certainly a favorite of mine, have you seen her work?

Beth said...

Dear Gardenmama,

Yes, I am very inspired by Mary Azarian and have a book about her work. She is one of the reasons I wanted to try lino cuts again even though she is a woodcut printer. I don't seem to have the strength for woodcuts....Beth

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Beth dear,

I LOVE THESE. I've always had a passion for lino and woodblock prints.

You are something special,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island