Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Greenbriar Jam Kitchen

"Tis a wonderful thing to sweeten the world which is in a jam and needs preserving." Thornton W. Burgess, 1939, to Ida Putnam

Ida Putnam made a living producing jam in her kitchen in Sandwich, Massachusetts beginning in 1902. Today visitors can sign up for classes at the jam kitchen to learn how to make relishes, chutneys, and preserves the old-fashioned way. You can even learn to make sun-cooked jams! This summer we visited between classes to see the beautiful old kitchen and all of its tools. I especially liked the beaten copper counter tops. If you want more information about the jam kitchen, click the title of the post above to link to the web site.


Tonya Gunn said...

I've just found your blog - beautiful!
Are these pictures from a building that teaches canning? A friend and I have considered starting classes for teaching basic, simple living skills.

Beth said...

I love your idea, Naturalearthfarm! Do it! I put some more information on the posting. I hope that a visit to the Jam Kitchen's web site will give you some ideas. Beth

Farmama said...

Hi Beth! Oh I LOVE the colors and everything about that kitchen!!!!

Cottage1945 said...

Old kitchens are so great, I love that blue! It sounds like a really interesting place to learn about jam. By the way... love the (yours ?) bag in the picture!

Beth said...

Hi, Cottage 45! I love that blue, too! The bag is my daughter's. It is made by pink lemonade, which has an etsy site, I believe.

Beth said...

Farmama, isn't it cozy and old-fashioned? I love the battered implements, the colors, the expanses of white, the antique gas burners, old jars, and the copper!

suzanne said...

Hi there Beth

Now this is my kind of fun...I would love to go and learn in that kitchen. Seeing those jars..One of my mmany weaknesses. I collect jars too. I found a very old "killner jar" at an antique store once. I suppose you could ask , what don't I collect and hord.

Have a great day
Warm regards