Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to Make a Cord

Pick out two, three or four colors of yarn which you like! The finished cord will only be about half the length of the yarn you measure out in the beginning, so measure accordingly.

One person twists the yarn together.

Another person must hold the yarn tightly on the other end. Don't let go or you have to start twisting all over!

Once the yarn starts to kink up in the middle, it is time to make the cord.

This mother is holding the yarn in the middle. The children must keep a tight hold on the ends. Now the mother will release her hold. The yarn will twist around itself. If it is uneven, just smooth it out with your hand to redistribute the twists.

Tie a firm knot in the ends.

You have made a beautiful, beautiful cord! Knitters use this technique to make tassel cords for hats, and cords to tie on a baby hat.

What are you going to do with your cord? These children played wild horse.

No matter what you play, never put cord around a person's neck. For playing horse, you can put the reins around the horse's middle. Run!

But maybe not too much. This horse seems to have collapsed from exhaustion!

Oh, you funny, funny children!

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We must give this a try. Thanks for sharing.