Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Owlets Can't Sleep

One day, there was an owl family that was having trouble sleeping.  They were all very tired, especially the Mama, who had been hunting all night. But she couldn't sleep because the children were restless.

"My toe hurts," said Lulu.

"I already kissed your toe. Now please try to sleep," said the Mama.

"Pooty is botherin' me," said Treeboo.

 "Treeboo, Pooty!" said the Mama.

 "Toot, toot!" said Billachoo. He couldn't hoot yet. That meant that he was hungry.

  "Shh, shh." said the Mama. "Next time, I want you to eat your whole mouse for dinner."

A twig cracked.
"What was that?" said Pooty.

"Shh, shh, Pooty. It was nothing," said the Mama.

 "My neck hurts," said Lulu.

"Try flopping your head the other way for a change," said the Mama.

"Pooty is breathin' on me!" said Treeboo.

"Treeboo!" said the Mama.

"Toot, toot!" said Billachoo. That meant that he was thirsty.

 Time to sleep, now, Billachoo," said Mama. "You already had a drink. I don't want you to wet the branch. No more talking."

A leaf fell.
"What was that?" said Pooty.

The Mama looked stern.

"Owlets," she said firmly. "It is time to sleep. Mama has been up all night hunting and needs to rest. You must rest, too, so that you can practice flapping your wings tonight. I expect you to help one another and to be quiet."

The children knew Mama was serious. Billachoo helped Lulu flop her head the other way. Pooty gave Billachoo a mouse tail he'd been saving. Treeboo snuggled close to Pooty so he wouldn't be scared, and turned her head away so she wouldn't feel him breathing.

One by one, the owlets dropped off to sleep.
The only sound was the occasional, soft "Toot, toot," from Billachoo, who talked in his sleep.

One day, there was an owl Mama who couldn't sleep.

The End

Some of my friends made these owlets.

Pilar made Lulu, who has been loved and mauled by her toddler daughter ever since.

Karen made Treeboo.

Marcy made Billachoo.

And Catherine made Pooty.

Copyright 2009, Beth Curtin


5 orange potatoes said...

PRECIOUS! The girls read it too and loved it. Now they want to make some homemade pom pom owls. We love making pom poms, have made sheep, but MUST make owls now.

My mushroom spore print how to is here:

Have a lovely evening.lisa

Beth said...

Thank you, so much, 5 oranges! Beth

Anonymous said...

This story makes me smile because it reminds me of my own need of sleep and the children who are listening to the noises or tustling and can not let their bodies rest. Great job, Beth! marcy

farmama said...

Hi Beth,
Sweet sweet story and sweet sweet owls! I am going to have to read it to my boys. I hope you're having a good friday.
Love, Sara

Heather said...

Aw, these are the CUTEST! remind me of a book my daughter loves called "Owl Babies."
They all have sweet faces. Its always awesome to meet a fellow tasha-lover!~

The Magic Onions said...

Too sweet, Beth... so, you've been a fly on my wall! LOL. I love those owls!
I added it to Friday's Nature Table for you.
Blessings and magic.

Ravenhill said...

Oh, they are so darling! You are brilliant as can be!!! I am in love with every single one of them.

Lisa said...

the owls are so adorable! And the story is perfect! Goose made a stuffed felt owl last week. So cute!
Have a great week!

gardenmama said...

Hi Beth!
I just read your sweet story to my little ones! We are all captivated by your storytelling and by these sweet owlets! I must add "Billachoo" is too cute! : )How lovely to be among such creative friends!