Friday, October 30, 2009

How to Play Muggle Quidditch

This is the logo for the Intercollegiate Quidditch Association. There are over 60 teams in the association.

Middlebury students invented Muggle Quidditch a few years ago, a game which is a combination of dodgeball and tag, with goal-scoring, and some tackling thrown in, played on broomsticks. It is funny and entertaining to watch.

The 2009 Quidditch World Cup took place last weekend in Middlebury, Vermont.

As the competition began, the announcers called the names of the Middlebury team members.

Below is a picture of Middlebury's pre-game huddle.

Below is a group of golden snitches. Their job is to run off the field into the campus for a while, and then return to the game and evade capture by the seeker.

The Middlebury team is readying itself on the endline in the picture below. Once the two snitches take off, the game begins.

Here are the three hoops for scoring, and the goalie.

You score by throwing the quaffle through a hoop. The quaffle is the white ball.

Players throw bludgers, the red dodge balls, when attacking the other team. There are two bludgers. When a player is hit by a bludger, she must drop the quaffle and run to touch her team's end line.

Since you have to hold your broomstick with one hand, all catching and throwing is done with the free hand.

There are frequent crashes and tumbles and rough play is prevalent.

The player below actually took flight for a moment.

Suddenly, the snitch reappears and sprints onto the field, (or crosses it on a bicycle.)

There is one seeker on each team. The seeker can earn 30 points for her team if she grabs the tennis-ball which the snitch wears in a sock hanging from the back of his pants.

Children, work hard at your educations, so that you too can grow up and play collegiate Quidditch.

For a Vermont Public Radio podcast of the Quidditch World Cup, go to

To see a CBS report about Muggle Quidditch, go to

For your own Quidditch broomsticks, try googling Alivan's.


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This is fascinating!


Lisa said...

This is fascinating!


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