Monday, November 2, 2009

Gathering Hickory Nuts

We went into the forest. We saw moss.

We saw an old bird's nest.

We saw a maple tree.

We saw a hickory nut tree.

We gathered the green hulled nuts from the fallen leaves.

It helped to the rake the leaves away with a stick.

Sometimes it helped to turn upside-down.

The hickory nut hulls made our hands smell wonderful.

You have to peel the hulls off before you crack the nuts. We cracked them with a rock.

He liked the way they tasted.

Hickory nuts are hard to crack without smashing the meat. That's why you have never seen hickory nuts in the grocery store. For a good article about how to harvest, dry, and crack them, try this link to Mother Earth Magazine:


farmama said...

Hi Beth,
How lucky you are to live where there are hickory trees! We don't have many deciduous trees here! Your forest photographs are beautiful! I hope you have a nice weekend!
Love, Sara

Kelly said...

Hi Beth
Beautiful woodland photos. Those hickory nuts are wonderful. We don't have those in our area.

Beth said...

I didn't even know there were hickory trees around here until I heard a teacher talking about gathering "pignuts." Since then I kept my eyes peeled. I'm trying to learn about foraging in New England! Beth

Jessica said...

Adorable photos...I love the "upside down" one. So sweet! :)