Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Gnome's Day

A little gnome was sent forth by his Mama. As he stepped out of the hollow tree, he blinked his eyes a few times. His burrow was dark and cozy, but outside it was a beautiful sunshiny autumn day.

He looked to his right.

He looked to his left.

He sallied forth.

The little gnome strode through the forest with a confident step.

First he stopped to check his moss garden.

Then he stopped to explore a rotting birch log.

He pretended it was a wild forest horse, and rode it for a little while.

Then he crawled up the log, to see how high he could go.

He stood up tentatively, holding onto a small tree.

Even though gnomes live underground in cozy burrows, they love to climb, too.

Then off he went again.

Gnomes in a hurry are a blur of movement.

But mostly, they like to take their time and look at everything.

This little gnome likes sticks. He loves using his stick to whack at everything,

to poke at things on the forest floor,

to wave as he walks,

to steady himself as he climbs rocks,

to explore little holes in the ground,

to knock leaves off trees,

and to use as a walking stick.

When he discovered one of my cameras in the woods,

the little gnome hurried home.

He popped back down into his burrow, and in a flash, he was gone.

Old trees of the forest, what magic secrets you conceal.

Copyright 2009, Beth Curtin.


5orangepotatoes said...

I couldn't help but smile through this post! What a doll of a gnome!


Lisa said...

I love it! That's quite a sweet little gnome if I've ever seen one! This would be great to print and create a book for you and your little one.
Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

Thank you 5 Orange Potatoes and Lisa! I like your idea of printing a little book for some tiny friends of mine! Thank you so much! love, Beth

prettydreamer said...

Absolutely, absolutely adorable!!

heather said...

that is almost too cute.

Unknown said...

What a sweet story. And that is just about the cutest little gnome I have ever seen!!

farmama said...

This is so sweet Beth! I love the story and.....and how lucky you are to have seen a gnome.....and such a cute one at that! Beautiful photography too!
love, sara

Kelly said...

Hi Beth
Simply wonderful! What an adorable gnome!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Oh my goodness, he may be the cutest gnome I have ever seen!

Amanda said...

I love this! He is the most precious gnome I've ever seen!!!

Crescent Moon said...

That was so cute! Thank you for bringing us along for the gnome's adventures!

Super Fun Mama said...

Perhaps the sweetest post ever...