Friday, November 6, 2009

How to Make a Model of a Birchbark Trail Kettle

I collected birchbark from a rotting log,

and made a tiny birchbark container that could be used by wee, tiny people to carry liquids and cook food.

Here is how to make a model of a birchbark container that you can use to carry liquids. You need freezer paper, a non-toxic brown or gray colored pencil, a t-square, scissors, needle and brown thread. Third graders and above can probably do this project without much help. It involves measuring, drawing, folding, and sewing.

Using the t-square, draw the pattern on the papery side of the freezer paper. The waxy side is the interior.

Here is the pattern. I made the square in the middle about 4" square, and I made the sides about 3".

Now draw on your paper to make it look like birch bark.

Cut it out.

Fold and crease each line firmly.

Pull the corners out.

Sew two corners together on one end. Do not pierce the inner part of the container, or you will make it leak.

Sew the other side, too.

Grown-ups can help young children make their containers.

You can use a stapler instead of sewing to make it easier for young children.

It is fun to fill the container with water and have a drink.

It would also be fun to have cereal with milk in your container. Or you could use your container to hold a collection.

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