Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to Make a Simple Button Toy

This is a simple and fun toy which you can create for your child in less than five minutes. I remember a grown-up making one for me when I was a girl.

Start by looking through your button collection for a large button with at least two holes. I found a nice old button which was bigger than a quarter.

Pick out some strong string or yarn. I used embroidery floss, but it broke after we played with it for a while.

Thread the button through the holes and tie a strong knot to complete a loop.

To play with the toy you must first wind it up until the thread begins to kink.

Now give it a strong pull. The button will spin fast.

Let the thread wind itself up again the other way by bringing your hands closer together.

Now try to keep it going! Can you keep it going while you pass it to a friend to try?

Listen to how it hums as it spins.


Sara said...

What a neat toy!

Hullabaloo Homestead said...

I remember playing with one of these for hours as a kid. Just watching it spin and spin smaller and smaller. What a great watch and learn type a thing. Obviously leaves a good imprint on the brain too!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

I love this! My kids are so into simple toys like this....and something they can easily make is perfect! Thanks for sharing this!

prettydreamer said...


Anonymous said...

This is a great toy. I will be making it with my cubscouts tomorrow evening. I made one tonight to "practice" and can't stop playing with it!

Vikrant said...

Simple yet Very lovely toy, keeps you engaged for hours and the kids enjoy it a lot can be made easily at home, totally eco friendly