Monday, December 7, 2009

About Waldorf Dolls

These are two little girls who like to wear fairy wings with their rain boots.

The oldest has ringlets in all the tawny colors of sun-baked wheat.

The youngest one has pale blond curls sticking up around her head like a new chick's down.

Their mother has some of each kind of color and curl in her hair.

This sweet Mama wanted to give her children dolls. She knew how special a Waldorf doll can be for a growing, imaginative little child.

A doll is "one if the most important toys for boys and girls alike, as it is an image of the human being...." (From The Children's Year.)

"They are real 'child dolls' not because they mimic exactly the features and form of an individual as many of the tough plastic toys available today try to do, but because they reflect the inner softness and warmth both of their maker and their owner." (From Making Waldorf Dolls.)

"When they are fashioned simply, they make the entire range of human appearance possible through the child's imagination." (From Toymaking With Children.)

I sat in my sunny kitchen while I sewed the dolls' hair on.

I thought about the children they would belong to as I stitched.

The mama let the girls pick out fabrics for the dolls from what they could see in pictures from my studio.

And then they were done. The dolls are traveling to meet their girls now. They are made with love and care. I think you can feel that when you hold a Waldorf doll.

Soon they will come to life. That happens when a child holds a doll in her arms, gives her a name, and begins to love her.


*erin* said...

What beautiful and special dolls! Thank you for sharing!

FairiesNest said...

Lovely post!

5orangepotatoes said...

Your dolls are AMAZING!

Mousy Brown said...

What a lovely post and what lucky little girls - thanks for showing your fabulous dolls to us :)

prettydreamer said...

lovely post- thank you for sharing!!

Beth said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! I really appreciate your encouragement! Beth

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Wonderful story and beautiful pictures!

alix/clo said...

Hello, I'm french and I made inspirated waldorf doll.
I want to create a boy and I'm curious to anderstand how do you sew the curl blond haire of the last doll.
Did you make like a "hat" in crochet or sew directly at the head?

Thanks for your help. Have a nice day