Friday, December 11, 2009

Handpainted Yarns

I dye yarns using cake icing dyes and Easter egg dyes. Since the dyes are food grade, I can do it in my kitchen using my pots and pans, and my little child can get involved.

I was thinking about having a tutorial, but my methods are so improvisational, I haven't decided how I would do that! Maybe some day.

This skein is about 16 feet long. I used store-bought superwash merino wool.

This is another huge skein of superwash.

This is a sock gauge superwash merino which my young child dyed. He did a beautiful job.

These next three are corriedale, some of my first handspuns.

The next two yarns are my handspun merino.

Now for a happy jumble of color!


Hip Mountain Mama said...

Wow, your yarn looks beautiful! I would love to knit with some of this!!

Beth said...

Thank you so much, Suzy. I don't know what on earth I will knit with them. Small things, I guess since most of them are small. Beth

farmama said...

Oh how super Beth! They came out beautiful! beautiful! The one your son did is amazing....(please tell him I said so!) Did you dip dye? Your handspun looks super too! My sheep are corriedale ( I recently sold them, but will get a new flock in the spring...not sure what kind yet!)
I hope you have a nice weekend!

Lizz said...


Beth said...

Thank you, Lizz, and Farmama. Sara, I'm scooting over to your blog to answer your question. See you soon. love, Beth

Mousy Brown said...

Those relly do look gorgeous - the range of colours are wonderful! Are they colour fast? I love the idea of dyeing with your kids - thanks for showing them to us :)

suzi said...

Beautiful colors! I love the one your son did. My boys would love to try that - it sounds like so much fun.

Hallie said...

That looks amazing!!! I would love to know how to do this!!!!