Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to Make an Origami Box

You can make your own gift boxes this holiday by recycling calendars and last year's Christmas cards.

Start by making two squares. If one is slightly smaller than the other, it will fit inside of the other one really well.

Crease through the middle by folding diagonally each way. Good creases will make a crisp box.

Your paper won't be this creased, I was working ahead a little bit.

Fold points to middle.

Open up and fold sides in this way, reopen,

and that way.

Open and refold in these two points, and

the two sides.

Fold pointed ends under.

Fold ends up this way...

and down that way.

Open up but leave two sides upright.

Bring in the ends and tuck together for your box.

All the points should nestle inside of the box. That will hold it together.


snow white said...

These are great! I'm hoping to make some fudge for gifts and I think these would be a perfect container.

Beth said...

Good idea, Snow White! I made boxes with my 7 year old yesterday and he could almost do it all by himself. He likes to fold paper airplanes, so it all felt very familiar. Beth