Saturday, December 12, 2009

How to Make a Tiny Angel Ornament

After making a special Christmas decoration with pine cones, (directions are coming soon,) I wanted to use the pretty pine cone seeds which I had. They looked to me like tiny angel wings, so I decided to make little angels. The pine cone seeds are very fragile, though. Maple seed wings would be a sturdier option, (scale your angel up,) or tiny pieces of feather, or little bits of fabric or paper.

I used tissue paper, thread, scissors, craft glue, a pencil, and a tiny sequin from my shiny stuff collection.

Make a circle is about 1 and a half inches across. I traced the bottom of the craft glue.

Put a little tiny ball of tissue paper about the size of a ladybug in the middle of the circle, for the angel's head, and tie a long piece of thread around the neck.

The thread is long so that you can use it to hang your ornament.

With the knot behind the head, gently make tiny twists in the paper for hands.

Pick out some pine seeds or other wing materials which are about the same length. I also decided to put my angel in an acorn cap.

Now glue on the wings behind the angel, the halo behind the head, and everything into the acorn cap. Or leave the angel out of the cap.

I like the way the yellow angel the best. I shaped her dress better.

Now hang on the tree! These would look extra special on a miniature tree.


Linda said...

These are so adorable! Thanks for sharing :)



Hip Mountain Mama said...

How adorable! Thanks for sharing the idea!

farmama said...

These are really pretty Beth! I love your creativity.