Friday, December 11, 2009

New Gnome Hat

I made this felted sweater gnome hat for a little baby friend. It is decorated with felt from Magic Cabin, a black glass bead for the bird's eye, and some ribbon. It is lined with soft cotton flannel.

He loves his gnome hat. He visited me for lunch for about an hour and a half the other day, and kept his hat and coat on the whole time. I don't think he wanted to leave. He was just plain comfortable.

For my tutorial on how to make a gnome hat, scroll down the right side of the blog to see the link. Have fun making your little children into gnomes and keeping them super warm and cozy this winter! There is also a link for a story called A Gnome's Day under Beth's Stories.


Linda said...

Hello Beth,

I love the gnome hat you have made, it is beautiful:) Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial:)
Have a lovely Sunday.

Hip Mountain Mama said...

This is just one of my favorites! There is nothing cuter than a gnome hat!!

Ravenhill said...

Adorable as can be!!! I simply love the things you make. This hat is so very very sweet.

Beth said...

Thank you, friends! Beth

Unknown said...

how adorable is this? waaaaaay adorable!

sarah in the woods said...

I love this hat. I've yet to make a gnome hat, but I do plan to. Love your gorgeous yarn too.

Beth said...

I hope I get to see your hats sometime! Beth

angelina said...

hi, i just found your blog whilst surfing. love this hat! love your steiner dolls as well!