Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I like red.

In the summer,

and in the winter.

In my coats,

and in my shoes.

I like red.

Red crayons.

Red paint.

Red walls.

and red toys.

Red to sip and

red to crunch.

Red to sew.

red to weave,

red for spinning,

red I've spun.

I like to knit red,

and grow red.

I like red boxes,

I like red cans.

I take it back. I love red.


Erin said...

What a cute post! My daughter's favorite color is red. And those clogs are perhaps the prettiest pair of clogs I've ever seen. Love them.

Hip Mountain Mama said...

Great photos. Red is such a fun color...I have to say those shoes are really great!

Lisa said...

lovely post! very festive, indeed!
oh, yeah... i love red, too!
*happy holidays*

Beth said...

These are my "garden shoes," getting a little too banged up for public. I wish I could find another pair! Thanks for the comments. love, Beth

sarah in the woods said...

Me too! My kitchen walls look the same color as your wall in the pic.

Guusje said...


Tammie Lee said...

wow such an amazing assortment of red! My mother loves red, I never have. But I can enjoy it all the same. Your photos are wonderful.

Farmama said...

Wonderful red shots Beth! I love red too. Your pile of red coats are fantastic, and the red flower shoes too! I hope you had a nice weekend!
love, sara

suzanne said...

Hello Beth

I too am a lover of red. Your photographs capture this color beautifully. I hope you are well dear friend. I too hope that the festive season is finding it's way into your home.

A happy day to you
Warm regards

5orangepotatoes said...

Love the shoes too. I'm funny about red since my hair is red. Don't know why exactly.

salley said...

You must have had so much fun identifying and gathering all your red things to take photos of. What a visual feast!