Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Wellness Tree

Sweet Nicole of Gardenmama has started a blog for Kelly, a young mother who has been stricken with cancer. She has invited her readers to send in ornaments to decorate the Wellness Tree. I sent in this little running horse made of raffia.

For directions on how to make a horse, click on the title of this post. The link will take you to a tutorial on how to make a horse out of daylily fronds. You can use any dry natural material. Raffia is available at craft stores, but you can gather dry grasses, too. Raffia is very supple and can be used right away. Wild dry materials may need to be soaked in water to be made pliable. Don't use green materials, they shrink as they dry, and your horse will fall apart. In the daylily tutorial I used daylily fronds to fasten the horse together. For this ornament I used red thread for a festive touch.

Nicole asked us to send some words of encouragement with our ornaments.

I wrote, "I made this little running horse to delight your baby and bring you good!"

Kelly wrote, "Oh, Beth--how could you have known?! My son, Ari, is in love with horses. We live in Kentucky and we've taken him to the horse park and race track (to watch the jockeys riding in the morning) because he just loves them. He will be so delighted."



Grace said...

I sent an ornament too - I saw yours on there.

Thanks for the instructions on how to make the horse - my kids love horses.

Lisa said...

Your post is a reminder of the true meaning of the season... giving! The kindness we share in this blogworld is something I cherish.
Your horse ornament is so sweet! It's wonderful to hear how it made a little one happy!
Happy Holidays!!!!

gardenmama said...

it was so beautiful to see the connection your ornament held for kelly and ari, i know how much thought and love your put into making it. thank you for sharing your heart xo

5orangepotatoes said...

The horse is wonderful! Nicole is wonderful for setting this up for her friend. It is all so touching and makes me have faith in humankind. I'm not overly surprised though with this blogging community to reach out in the way it has. There are so many wonderful people here.