Friday, January 29, 2010


It is bitterly cold outside today, and I am grateful for my warm and cozy home.

For knitting by the fire,

For a comfy place to read new library books, and a very lovable child to read them with,

for salty, hot popcorn,

for steaming hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows,

and for that warm feeling inside that all this goodness gives us.

We are cozy.


KeLLy aNN said...

I ADORE Tin Tin!! My brother has a very old set of almost the whole collection. For our cold rainy day we are doing Lentil soup!

softearthart said...

Hi, Beth, How cosy you are, I just love new library books,there is nothing like them. cheers Marie

Beth said...

Mmmmmm, KellyAnn...lentil soup! I love it! That sounds super cozy! Isn't TinTin fun? TinTin books are page turners.

Marie, library books are great. I feel like I am carrying treasure home when I come back from the library. What kind of books do you like? Beth

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

We had popcorn for snack today and lentil soup for dinner :)
In the winter we go to town only about twice a month, for grocery shopping and a trip to the library, then back home again with our great stacks of books. It can be hard to find the good books, but we all have our favorites.
Thanks for sharing your coziness!

prettydreamer said...

Beth.. so lovely! We're trying to the same over here ... happy cozy home days! Pamela

Beth said...

Dear Renee,

Where do you live that you only go into town twice a month? You must be a very organized Mama, not frittering your time away with little errands and shopping. It sounds very pioneer. And lentil soup sounds so cozy and comforting. I have some older children, and they remember the comfort and deliciousness of homemade food very well.

Prettydreamer...stay warm and cozy! Beth

Linda said...

Hello Beth:)
I love your new blog header photo, it is really beautiful! Your home does look ever so cozy and sitting near to a blazing fire on a cold winters day is just wonderful...

Sandy said...

My son loved (still loves at nearly 21) TinTin. He saved up his pocket money and bought the whole set, in English, one by one. It wasn't til he was older than your son that he got the last one which is only in French.

He first started liking them when he was quite young and we got them at the library. I think the Black Island was one of the first!

He would ask any visitor to read them to him. He started learning about what time really meant by comparing to how long it took for reading a Tin Tin book. About 40 min. So, if we went on a journey, he could cope if he knew it would be about the same time as reading x-many TinTin books!

Do you know you can get the dramatise series of TinTin on tapes (maybe even CD now, but it was tapes, then.) We all enjoyed listening to them.

thanks for sharing your warm fire.
Sandy in the UK

farmama said...

It's good to be cozy! We've been doing a lot of the same things I do cocoa, popcorn, and reading that is! I'm still super busy with our re-model, but I wanted to catch up on a few of my favorite reads. I hope you're having a cozy weekend Beth!

Lucy said...

Can I come over? Popcorn and hot cocoa by the fire sounds just about perfect right now.

KeLLy aNN said...

I hope Speilberg's movie does the character Tin Tin justice. I enjoyed reading them very much also. We were living in Turkey when my brother got very sick and we had to stay in Ankara. My dad and I went to the bookstore and that's how my brother got most of the collection in one swoop! I'm hoping to start my now 8 year old on the series for his birthday in march!

Beth said...

Speilberg is making a TinTin movie...? I can't wait! I doubt it will be rated G, though. I'm always on the lookout for something I can take my boy to.

I'm glad to hear people's TinTin stories and about everyone's cozy times. Beth

Imene said...

What a lovely way to spend the day!!
Beth , do you speak french? I see your son reading Tintin L'ile Noir

Beth said...

Dear Imene,

I speak French okay...we lived in France for a little while. Imene sounds like a French name...are you French? As for my boy, he is a beginning reader in English, and he reads the pictures in TinTin. I find TinTin a great enticement for a new reader. My oldest son learned to read by taking turns reading TinTin with my husband. TinTin books are such page-turners. Bye, Imene!

gardenmama said...

Oh, how I do love cozy!
It looks perfectly cozy at your house! : )