Sunday, January 17, 2010

Icy Beach

We went for a walk in the Beautiful Place. The water forms floes of ice around the edges, which break off and wash up on the sand when the tide rises. My husband walked far ahead.

My boy whacked at the ice with a piece of lumber, and

ran to keep up when he was left too far behind.

I walked slowly, looking at everything. In the summer, I don't think I would notice these little red stones as much.

I love the contrast of the textures of stone, wood, and snow.

Just a few months ago, these shore grasses were thick and richly colored red and gold, and stood about two feet high. Now the winter storms have broken the dead grasses and laid them flat. Look at the long shadows of the winter afternoon sun.

There are piles of tangled dry grass snagged in the bigger rocks at the top of the beach. Maybe these are the broken shore grasses.

There are many shells and pebbles on the hard sand, a jumble of tans and grays next to the glaring white ice.

The shapes of the sandy parts showing through cracks in the ice are very beautiful and dramatic.

I love these bird tracks. There are fewer human tracks on the beach this time of year. Where the sand is dry, it has a hard crust on it, scoured flat by the wind.

This is ice my boy found next to a tidal pond. Layers and layers of delicate chips of ice rimmed with frost....very beautiful.

This last picture shows dazzling sunlight, something which always lifts my spirits. In the summer time, my heart sings when I see light sparkling on the water as we approach the Beautiful Place. This bright reflection on the ice made up for a week of feeble sun. Today was very drab in the city. It looked dirty, with gray crusts of snow and dead brown leaves lining the streets, litter showing in the dead grasses in empty lots and in the scrubby trees next to the highway. It was depressing. But looking at this picture, I can remember yesterday, when the sun made us squint, filling us with light, something we have been missing very much during these short winter days.


Tammie Lee said...

thank you for taking me on your wonderful walk. I loved all the details and those huge slabs of ice are wonderful.

Linda said...

Oh Beth, these photos are absolutely breathtaking! Amazing, how wonderful to have this beautiful area so close to where you live. All those lovely shells and driftwood... and the ice on the beach, must be a sight to behold...

farmama said...

What a beautiful place. What a beautiful day with your family!

Kelly said...

Beth, such beautiful shots. How we would love to explore this environment. Nature is truly fascinating and you have really captured the beauty.

HIp Mountain Mama said...

This looks like such a beautiful place!

gardenmama said...

I felt like I was right there with you on the beach noticing shells and ice and feeling the sun on my back. Yesterday the sun poured through our windows and all we could hear outside was drip...drip... the icicles were turning back to water. It was an incredible feeling in my heart to feel the sun shine on my face once again. Today like most everyday here in the winter it is snowing once again.