Friday, January 8, 2010

Making A Waldorf Doll for Indi

A little girl named Indi is going to start going to a Waldorf school in Australia on February 1. In celebration of the special day, Indi's mother commissioned me to make her daughter a 16" doll. Indi loves pastel pink and purple, and wanted a fair-skinned doll with blue eyes and light blond hair. I gathered some fabric samples from my collection and chose three. I kept them close by as I sewed the doll. Some of these colors have a delicious feeling of the movie "Antoinette" to them. That movie made me want to carry a toy dog around, eat cherry-topped pastries, and wear pastel again.

I made the doll's head first, and shaped the skull with strong crochet cotton.

Then I sewed the fair cotton jersey skin onto the head. The seams go under the hair. I pricked my finger, which explains the Sponge Bob Square Pants band-aid.

Once I finished the head I sewed and stuffed the body with wool and put everything together. I like to make the doll's tummy round, like a real little girl's.

I embroidered a face. I didn't photograph this step because I think seeing a needle going into the doll's face might look gruesome to children! I sewed a coil of mohair all around the doll's head.

I used a non-toxic German blush on the doll's cheeks and she came to life.

I gave her an abundance of hair in two thick ponytails, and tied on some satin ribbons. Little girls love to play with hair. This hair can be stroked and finger combed. It feels warm and wonderfully real.

Next came her clothes. I love to mix patterns, and this is what I came up with.

Here is the finished doll. I wonder what name Indi will give her new doll?

The doll seems to have a happy energy and eagerness in her body and expression. She is ready to become a friend and companion to Indi, and a very special part of her childhood.

Look under "Beth's Stories" in the right hand column to see some stories about Zibby and the Pirate, two of the dolls I made, and some of their animal friends.

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The Everyday Mum said...

She's just beautiful, Beth! Is there a section somewhere on your blog with what your commission prices are? I know another little Aussie girl who would love one of your creations! :) Rebecca

Unknown said...

Very beautiful work. Stumbled upon your blog recently and am enjoying it very much.

Indigo, madder, marigold said...

Beth, she is just beautiful! She has such presence. I just love making Waldorf dolls...and seeing them made!

softearthart said...

She is so, so sweet, how clever you are, I am no sewer. cheers and "Happy days" Marie

Grace said...

so neat to see her start to finish. I know there is going to be one happy gal when she gets that doll! You are so talented.

The Magic Onions said...

Oh, Beth... she is just beautiful! When I saw that last photo I had a burst of energy go through my body, I swear... for a second I felt what it would be like to be that little girl and see her for the first time... oh my gosh... she is going to LOVE her. Well done, Beth.
And thanks so much for sharing how 'Antionette' came to life.
Blessings and magic.
PS - me too... I wanted to have big hair after seeing that movie.

Kelly said...

A very special doll whom I am sure will be so treasured by her little girl. I love your woodpile picture. Nothing nicer than wood burning away within on snowy days. Have a lovely day, Beth.

Beth said...

Dear Friends,

Thanks for the great comments and encouragement. I want to go straight to a sunny spot in my studio to make another doll! Rebecca, if you want to check out commission doll prices, just visit primroses, my etsy shop. You will see a little link in the right hand column. I love make commissioned dolls. It is lovely thinking about the child who will love and hold the doll I am making. love, Beth

Tammie Lee said...

oh my, your doll is superb. You are so good at this! She is quite charming.