Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Pirate Doll for Benjamin

This is Jessica's son, Benjamin. She wants to give him a pirate doll! I started work on his pirate a couple of days ago.

After I cut out and sewed the body, I made the inner head using tubular bandage and crochet thread. Then I sewed on his golden skin covering, and attached the head to the stuffed body. This part of doll making is like petting a porcupine for me. I frequently jab myself because of the tricky sewing in the creases of the neck.

Wool is one of the reasons waldorf dolls are so pleasant to make and so wonderful to cuddle. Because waldorf dolls are stuffed with wool, they warm up when you hold them. Some of my nieces say their dolls keep them warm at night.

Here is what the assembled doll looked like. I enjoy commissioned doll work. I like thinking about the child for whom I am making a doll.

Using a doll needle, I embroidered the face with cotton, and the hair with mohair. I was thinking about Benjamin's sweet little face while making the face of his pirate buddy. I was also thinking about Jessica, who had surgery today.

Once his hair was finished and his cheeks pinked up with non-toxic German blush, he came alive.

I suggested ears with the shape of his hair. I like to embroider the hair in a way which suggests real hair and the way it grows.

I have two sons, so I know all about cowlicks.

Here he is, ready for some clothes!

Yo, ho, ho!

I wrap my dolls in tissue paper before shipping, and tie boy dolls with hemp string and an acorn cap or two. Girl dolls get a flower.

This cheerful little pirate will be on his way to meet Benjamin tomorrow!

Jessica's blog is Foursquare Schoolhouse. Send her a word of encouragement!


Shona Cole said...

oh this is beautiful. I love toys that are not pink and plastic! You have such an interesting blog here. I am so glad you stopped by mine so I could 'meet' you. And your photography is wonderful too. Bookmarked.


Kelly said...

Oh Beth, your dolls are truly beautiful. I am sure Benjamin's pirate will be well treasured.
And to think of the love and care you have crafted into that very special pirate.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful doll. I am doing a doll making workshop at the end of the month using the waldorf method. After seeing your pirate I am feeling inspired to give my doll a theme.

boatbaby said...

He is GORGEOUS! I love it!

Suzanne said...

Lovely doll, I am sure the little lad will love him:-)

KeLLy aNN said...

You can always tell an Artist who does Their work with LoVe. Kudos to you for your acts of kindess!

Ariella said...

Beautiful work Beth. Your love and spirit shine in that little doll.

softearthart said...

Yo Ho Ho, how lovely, what a very talented lady you are , this wee man will treasure it forever, cheers Marie

Ravenhill said...

My, this is the sweetest little pirate ever!

Mousy Brown said...

I love watching your process - and the end result is gorgeous! What a lucky little boy :D

Jessica said...


I came online this afternoon to let everyone know I was okay. My surgeries went well-a little more than expected, but well!

We received Benjamin's little friend today...and his face lit up when he unwrapped him! He is adorable!!! Benjamin named him Mikey. And he treasures him already!!

Thank you, Beth. We will love him forever!


Jo Windmill said...

what a cute little pirate!