Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Punkin and Sweetie Pie

This is Punkin.

This is Sweetie Pie.

They are Patchy Dolls I recently put in my on-line store. I'm selling them separately. Punkin and Sweetie Pie's names are favorite endearments in my family.

Their favorite word is Zeeble. We don't know what it means, but each time they say it, they laugh.

This is what they do when they are supposed to be napping.

This is what they do when one of them gets hurt.

They have a lot of trouble sharing, though. I saw them them play well together for a few minutes today. Maybe they should stay together as twins, I was thinking, when suddenly,

Sweetie Pie hid the ball.


Sweetie Pie!

I guess I will keep them separated as planned......

Update: Punkin has found a home with Imene and Layla!!!!!! Hooray!


gardenmama said...

oh, gosh beth they are too sweet!!
i don't think i could buy one without the other! off to check out your shop : ) i love their clothing!

FairiesNest said...

Too cute! :)

Imene said...

I just bought Punkin from Etsy for Layla. I can't wait until she gets home to us!!
I am glad one of her first dolls is made by someone I know

Beth said...

Dear Imene! Thank you so much for getting Punkin!!!!!! I'm so happy! love, Beth

softearthart said...

How sweet, bright bold colors. My endearment for my daughter ,who is 18 is "my little chickie", so I will have to work on a creation around that name, Cheers Marie

Jessica said...

They are absolutely adorable!

I just ordered Benjamin's commissioned doll--I can't wait to see his face when he receives his little pirate!

Thank you so much Beth...it means a lot to me that you are so lovingly making a doll for my little one. :)

Appleshoe said...

Awww. Beth your Patchy Dolls are so sweet!

Beth said...

Dear Marie,

"My Little Chickie" is an adorable endearment. I love to hear what sorts of endearments people have for their children. One friend very affectionally called her little daughter "Stinky." love, Beth

Beth said...

Dear Jessica,

I'm thrilled to be making Benjamin a little pirate! love, Beth

Beth said...

Thanks, Appleshoe!!!! Beth

Ravenhill said...

Perfectly darling!!!! Sure to be a huge hit!

Imene said...

Little Punkin arrived yesterday and is adjusting to her new home. She spent the night cuddling with Layla and right now is visiting the house comfy in a stroller

Beth said...

Imene....I am so happy to hear about Layla playing with her doll. I wish I could see that. And Jessica...your doll is coming along and will be in Benjamin's arms real soon! love, Beth